Wow! You are so kind to take a couple minutes to fill out this questionnaire! I wasn’t sure what kind of response we would get.

Unless you choose to identify yourself, your answers will be completely anonymous to everyone, including me. Please feel free to say exactly what you feel, no matter how you think it might sound to another person!

Who will see read your answers? I will and one or two other people within our small company. Thanks again for helping us to become a better company!

All questions are optional.

1. How did you first hear about ocarinas?

(Please note: It’s more helpful if you provide a little detail.  For example, instead of saying "On the internet,” you might type in something like "I was doing an internet search for ________ when I stumbled onto a video by _______. Then I_______. “)

2. What first attracted you to ocarinas? For example, why did you decide to play an ocarina instead of (or in addition to) some other musical instrument?

3. If you have purchased from Mountain Ocarinas, why did you choose our company instead of (or in addition to) another ocarina company?

4. Is there anything else you think we should know?

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We plan to use this confidential information to get to know you better so we can improve our service to our present and future customers. We kept this questionnaire short so that you could fill it out in just a few minutes. Depending on your response, we hope to ask you other questions in the future.

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Karl Ahrens

Mountain Ocarinas Inc.