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A Brief Description of Our Products:


  • Precise, patented flutes that are worthy of public performance and serious dedication.
  • Very easy to learn (relative to most instruments) so that you can reach your musical goals more quickly.
  • Compact size so that you can play anytime, anywhere.
  • Intuitive, easy-fingering scale that is well-suited for quick learning and complex ornamentation.
  • Big sound (relative to other ocarinas) so that you can play in public and with other musicians.
  • Chromatic range of an octave and three notes (18 tones) so that you can play a wide body of music.
  • Includes neck cord with safety connector so that you can carry your ocarina easily and safely.
  • Includes fingering chart, tips, and several songs to help you get started playing right away.

Music Curriculum

  • Learning to Play MOUNTAIN OCARINAS® consists of a 40 page book (24 units) and 3 companion CDs.
  • This thorough introduction to music guides you step by step from sounding your first notes to playing from a book of folksongs or hymns.
  • Designed for learning on your own, without a teacher, so absolutely NO prior knowledge of music is required.
  • Note: The songs recorded on the instructional CDs are performed on a G ocarina.

Music Books

  • 300 Celtic Folksongs for MOUNTAIN OCARINAS® (and other folk instruments) is a wonderful collection of traditional music from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
  • Favorite Carols in Easy Keys : 19 favorite Christmas carols in easy to read and play settings, with chords, lyrics, and a tutorial on playing a G ocarina with other musicians.
  • Favorite Hymns in Easy Keys : 45 hymns in easy to read and play settings, with chords and lyrics.

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